Meet Leila



Collage 3Belly Dancer – Egyptian Dancer, Cabaret Dancer, Snake Charmer

Leila Sas is one of America’s premiere multi-talented belly dancers, performing in a wide variety of dance venues. An accomplished yoga instructor and model, she brings a level of complexity and perfection to her art rarely seen. Born in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia), she mastered belly dance from an early age, drawing on her family’s Middle Eastern heritage.

Leila performs at Las Vegas venues including the Riviera Hotel and leading Middle Eastern restaurants and Arabic Belly Dancer, Egyptian Dancer and Snake Charmer nightclubs. Her breathtaking performances showcase her ballet, jazz, modern dance, acting, gymnastic and yoga skills. She dances with props including veil-double veil, sword-double sword, wings and live snakes. Her exceptional beauty, passion and commitment to perfect technique place her in the top tier of performers.

Although she dances primarily in Las Vegas, she also travels and performs for audiences throughout the United States and Europe. This talented and beautiful belly dancer specializes in Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek, Persian and Turkish belly dance style as well in Turkish Gypsy Roma dancing.

In 1996 she won the local beauty pageant Kiskunszepe in Hungary and later was crowned Miss Hungary 1998. One of her prizes was a trip to the United States where she modeled and perfected her dancing skills. She moved to the US in 2000, and won the title of Miss Blublocker 2005.

An exceptional beauty, after winning the Miss Hungary title, Leila was recruited by talent scouts to compete in the Mrs World 2006 St.Petersburg, Russia. In Russia she won first place in the talent competition with her belly dancing. Later she represented her country as Mrs. Yugoslavia in Mrs World 2009 in Vietnam.